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Songs by A. Star

Review by Gabrielle Lennon

Star Gioelli's CD, "Pilgrimage," is the perfect gift to give a friend — or oneself — when going through a difficult time. Its message is one of friendship and healing; and the musical style feels like a combination of meditation and prayer.

As in "True Story, " Gioeli's vocals and instrumentation sound polished. The vocals are particularly nice in the song, "We'll Be Friends," in which different singers' voices blend beautifully.

"Pilgrimage" is a wonderful CD for relaxing, whether during a trying time or just a difficult day. The songs surround one with feelings of safety and goodness, and remind us that the daily experience and the average person are both holy.

The album would be great to use for meditation, for going into deep relaxation, for a calming meal, or for healing massage.

One could also use the CD as a tool to aid in recovery from a serious illness, be it physical, emotional, and/or spiritual. Each song fills the listener's mind with positive, strong, and beautiful thoughts. One piece repeats the mantra, "I am blessed, I am safe, I am healing," a chorus of many voices joining Gioele's. Women and children sing with Gioeli, a man, which feels evocative of the world singing this song.

Gioeli sings about spiritual ideals, for example, in the prayerful song that says, "Purify my heart, oh, God, that I may be like you in all my ways." He reminds and inspires us to live in ways that are best for ourselves, our fellow humans, the living beings with whom we share this planet, and the planet itself.

The music and message in this CD are conducive to one making a pilgrimage into his/her own heart, searching for and discovering what's there, and transforming it into the person s/he wishes to be.

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